How to start selling tracks

MYGPX is a new online platform that allows you to offer your favourite track(s) for sale. The platform can be used by companies, associations and individuals. 

Attention - all sellers & routes are subjected to a thorough quality control before we create a seller account, to which you can add your own routes.

You must have the rights on the route, be the owner of the route or have permission from the owner. If brand names are used in the name of the route, you must also have permission.

Your route must always respect the accessibility rules of the area for your sport(s). If your track crosses a private area, you must also have the permission of the owner.

The GPX file must have a minimum of 50 points per kilometre and must be in *.gpx format.

Don't just sell a route but a story. Why do people need to buy your route? To support the charity, as sponsorship, because your event could not take place ...

Preferably give extra return for the purchase. Add a voucher and/or gift, a gadget or a discount from a sponsor to the download.

If we are convinced of your story, we will create a seller account on the platform.  From then on you can start earning money on your route(s) !

Fill in the application form here if you want to place a route on our platform: